Lockdown Single

New music

I am excited to announce that I am releasing a new version of an old song of mine, ‘Into The Night’ as a single. This song was recorded in home studios by myself and a wonderful group of musicians and produced by Miles Myersough-Harris at Whole Hog Media.

We have Lee Smith on Drums, Stuart Taylor on bass, Tom Collison on keys and CJ Hillman on guitar and pedal steel. There will be an accompanying video. The plan is to release the song and video for free but to suggest a donation to charity to help those who have struggled more than most during the lockdown. It was not my intention to re-release an old song at this time, but lockdown changed many things for many people, and I was faced with staying indoors for an extended period of time (we have stayed socially distant in my household since March) which meant no going to the studio or in person collaborations with other musicians.

This forces one to think outside the box, and I am fortunate enough to know many great and kind musicians of fantastic skill who I call friends. I made a few calls and before long the lineup was complete. These are all people I have worked with before (in Lee’s case, for 20 plus years) and would happily play with any time, plus I knew they all had home recording setups, so that part was easy enough. It is an unusual way of working for me, although one I suspect a great many musicians all over the world have been forced to embrace this year.

That being said, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, and would definitely consider doing more work like this remotely in future. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. A release date will follow soon!